Find Images

The Wold has a collection of over 150,000 art slides, which is in the process of being digitized and/or deaccessioned. The Wold also houses a circulating collection of nearly 1000 art films. Suggestions of films that should be added to the video collection are certainly welcome. The Center also supports access to digital image resources and repositories. A list of curated class specific web resources can be provided upon request.

Create and Display Images

The Wold is equipped with flatbed scanners and a camera copy stand to support the creation and scanning of images. The Wold also supports the sharing and displaying of images through the rental of laptops, projectors, cameras, and other audiovisual resources. The Wold is currently undergoing discussions related to online image management systems to showcase its unique digital collection.

Due to copyright restrictions, reproduction or duplication of images in and from the Visual Resource Library must be used for classroom and study purposes only.

Research Instruction

In addition to assisting faculty with classroom presentation, the Director is available to lecture in classes about art research and mastering information and visual literacy. Upon request, curated digital resources and strategies for research and writing can be provided.

Individual Consultations

Individual consultations can be arranged and the Visual Resource Library can assist with student questions related to art research, writing, or art image copyright policies. Requests for information about art related grants, funding, and career opportunities are also welcome.

Thank you.