Remember: You’ll never know unless you apply. As successful grants, scholarship, and residencies experiences are personal, the best course of action is to make an appointment with the Wold director so you can discuss together your interests and goals.

On Campus Resources (take advantage while you’re here)

TILT Institute for Learning and Teaching

CURC Celebrate Undergraduate Research and Creativity

Apply for the art showcase and for the journal (contact information on the page)

Scholarships as listed on Art Website

(Art scholarships are based off faculty nominations and are intended for existing CSU art majors.  For more information on general CSU scholarships for incoming freshman and transfer students, please refer to the CSU Admissions website.)

Also, contact CURC about judging for the showcase

CSU Career Center

Colorado Grants Guide Online

Lilla B. Morgan Fund

As a student think about:

The Fulbright, Gates Cambridge, Udall, The Rhodes, Henry S. Truman, etc. please contact to learn more.

Also, what about the Peace Corps?

Selected List of External Grant, Scholarship, and Residency Opportunities available here.

Additional resources


A wonderful resource for locating artist residencies.

Artist Residencies PDF

A list created by CSU faculty member Ajean Ryan with links to website and application deadlines